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White Palace – Dark Story: It just happens Short film


… with our thanks!

There are many people and many raisons for which Brukenthal National Museum has to address thanks at the end of the campaign for Brukenthal Palace restoration.
”It just happens”, the film, is our way to acknowledge that, in the end, all that counts is the bit of love each of us is willing to offer .




White Palace – Dark Story: the legacy

Short film


The film is a Brukenthal National Museum production on Deine Lakaien’s song Young.
Besides a reiteration of the elements featured in previous two parts of the trilogy, it presents the rear facade of the palace. There is also illustrated the possibility through the means of contrasts – what has been done in respect to restoration and what remains to be achieved.
The approach is modern, aiming at bringing the past back to life in the present days, targeting on young (body & spirit) audience through the means of an engaging message.
As novelty elements, there are to be seen the portraits of Sophia and Samuel von Brukenthal in their youth, an IT remake project based on the paintings in the Museum collections.


White Palace – Dark Story: the reception

Short film


The film is a Brukenthal National Museum production on Deine Lakaien’s song Along Our Road.
The story draws the public into a dialogue with Samuel von Brukenthal.
The on-viewer enters into the parlors meant for reception in the 18th century: the music room, the drawing rooms and the oriental rooms.
Using a lyrical approach, the film emphasizes the loss of audience between the founder and the visitors while the venue of their encounter fades away. A special attention was given to the north room oriental room that has been closed to the public since 1960.


White Palace - Dark Story: the stone

Short Film


The film is a Brukenthal National Museum production on Deine Lakaien's song My Winter.
It shows the stonework elements and architectural features in Brukenthal Palace.
The presentation goes from the facade portal to the stone base and telamons portal in the front courtyard and on to the back inner courtyard and garden.
The film has a narrative character with a dramatic approach, emphasizing details of stone deteriorations that are not usually noticed or that are not easily observed with the naked eye.