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Asociatia Brukenthalia (Brukenthalia Association)
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2017 countdown

In 2017 Brukenthal Museum will celebrate its bicentenary. Today the museum has many locations but the only one who stood up for culture all two hundred years was Brukenthal Palace.
Although the Palace is the main attraction of Brukenthal National Museum and enjoys hundreds of thousands visitors annually, the building continues to suffer while the allocated budget continues to decrease.
The second portal of Brukenthal Palace, located between the inner courtyards, is currently covered by scaffolding in order to protect visitors from the eventual falling pieces. The same fate awaits the fa?ade portal. The absence of stone-made wall base facilitates structural dampness, destroying interior wall-painting and aggravating the conservation conditions for the exhibits displayed in ground floor exhibitions. The 18th century parquetry in the reception rooms is falling to pieces leading to restricted visitation in the area.


Brukenthalia Association

At the present, Brukenthal Museum relies on funding from a limited range of sources.
As the 2017 celebratory programme is coming together, so is the increase need for support in endeavoring it. Besides the event of year 2017, there is also the preparatory phase of which the most challenging part is the restoration of Brukenthal Palace.
Brukenthalia Association was established with the sole purpose of supporting the preparations and the making of 2017 programme and its activity is dedicated as such until December 31, 2017 when it will cease to exist or will announce a change of mission.