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. The Altemberger House:
The Museum of History
. Main Exhibition
. Roman Lapidarium
. Medieval Lapidarium
. Arms and Armors
. The Firearms Hall
. The Movement for National Emacipation in Southern Transylvania
. The Emergence of Human Settlements in Southern Transylvania
. The Glasswork in Transylvania
. The Guilds of Sibiu
. The Magistrate of Sibiu
. Coins and Medals
. Treasury
The Altemberger House
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THE MUSEUM OF HISTORY, The Altemberger House

SECTION: The Emergence of Human Settlements in Southern Transylvania


The presentation concerns the specific features of the habitat, starting in the Palaeolithic period and concluding it in medieval times.
The tour opens with the presentation of the cave habitat, illustrating the three functions of this particular type of human shelter: a domestic environment, a hunting environment and a sacred environment.
A reconstitution of Neolithic habitat follows by presenting a Starčevo-Criş dwelling pit, a stone carving workshop and a Vinča surfaced dwelling. There are also presented several aspects of Aeneolithic everyday life, a cross section of a dwelling complex and a potter’s workshop.
A special attention has been given to the Bronze period and to the setting of artefacts arrangement: both ceramics and bronze items are presented along with a hoard of bronze objects shown as they were positioned in the moment of their discovery.
The everyday life in Dacian period is illustrated by a household and a blacksmith’s workshop along with a Dacian sanctuary reconstitution and various items of a Roman production, discovered in Dacian settlements.
The Roman household (villa rustica) is shown with the adjacent domestic annex, observation tower and court yard.
Finally, the medieval home interior is presented, furnished with a fireplace, coats of arms, a central pillar and a bow window.


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