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. Samuel von Brukenthal
. History of Brukenthal Museum
. 195 years of history,
5 years of branding
Baroque and Enlightenment

In 2012, Brukenthal National Museum celebrated both 195 years of history (since its public opening in 1817) and 5 years of branding campaign, Brukenthal Brand being the first museum brand in Romania.

The identity of a brand includes its name, trademark and visual appearance, while the brand image is a visitor's mental picture of a brand. We bridged between the brand image and the brand identity, because effective brand names build a connection between the brand personality (as it is perceived by the target audience) and the actual cultural products and service. So, the institution’s logo (registered in 2008) represents the façade of Brukenthal Palace – the nucleus of today’s Brukenthal National Museum, while the brand image is the portrait of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, the founder of the first museum in Romania.

Presenting an identity brand to the local community and a cultural iconic brand to the national and international audience, Brukenthal National Museum has chose to celebrate the 5 years activity in the domain of branding as the Romanian event for the Museum Communicator project, part of Leonardo da Vinci Programme, having as partners Sapienza Universita di Roma, Ragusa Province, International Museum of Ceramic Faenza and Euro Innovanet Italy, “Jordan Ivanov” Museum of History Bulgaria, OAKE Associates Great Britain and “Lucian Blaga” University Sibiu.

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