Exhibition: Aspects regarding the Bronze and Iron civilizations inside the Carpathians Mountains

Location: Brukenthal Palace, Temporary Exhibition Room
Duration: 3.12.2015 – 21.12.2015
Opening: Thursday, December 3, 1:00 pm
Curator: Adrian Georgescu, dr. Gheorghe Vasile Natea

Text offered by the curators:
Wietenberg and Noua, two representative cultures in the Bronze Age inside the Carpathian Mountains, are presented in this exhibition through archaeological materials like pots with specific forms and ornaments; tools, jewels and accessories made of bronze and Noua funeral findings. A special attention was granted to the Bronze metallurgy as the mentioned area was a genuine European centre for metallic object, this being proven by the objects discovered isolated or in large storages. The exhibition also presents discoveries from Gáva, Basarabi and La Tène cultures, alongside with the Celts` funeral sites and the ceramic and metallic objects discovered in the counties of Sibiu and Alba. Archaeological materials found at Miercurea Sibiului and Tilişca (Sibiu county) are suggestive for the Dacian culture.