Exhibition: The Magic of Restoration

Location: The Blue House, Multimedia Hall
Duration: 11.08 - 30.09.2015
Opening: Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 1:00 pm
Curator: dr. Dorin Barbu
Parteners: CTS România şi Direcţia Judeţeană pentru Cultură Sibiu
Media parteners: Agerpres şi Art Act Magazine

This exhibition is organized by the Restoration Conservation Department of Brukenthal National Museum, being occasioned by the anniversary of 40 years since the establishment of the laboratory
The Magic of Restoration exhibition displays art pieces belonging to Brukenthal National Museum collections: paintings (Jeremias van Wingham, Paulus de Vos, Michael Willmann, etc.), old books, graphic works, weapons and firearms, silverware, Neolithic and Dacian, furniture pottery, polychrome wood, stone, leather, etc. All these are meant to illustrate the complexity of the restoration work. Thus each piece is positioned alongside a color print with photos showing different parts prior to restoration, stages during restoration, the art piece after restoration, the operations performed on each piece and the restorer`s name.
The specific of restoration works is little known to the public, and the specialists usually work in anonymity in order to give us the possibility to enjoy longer history testimonies.
Restoration is a mixture of science and art, and any exhibition is a great opportunity to see how the two of them intermingle.