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The Anatolian Rugs of Brukenthal National Museum Collection


Opened in the Brukenthal Palace, in the year 2009, the present permanent exhibition displays a collection of genuine masterpieces, considering their artistry and the encoded symbolism (the items being created for praying rituals).
The presence and the preservation of the Ottoman rugs in the Transylvanian Reformed churches, especially the Evangelical ones, represent a special phenomenon, the initial cultic significance being modified over time through assuming decorative functions.
Situates on the important trading ways connecting Turkey and Central Europe, the cities of southern Transylvania assimilated a grate number of Anatolian Rugs as early as the end of the 15th century. Considered to be an attribute of buyers’ welfare and a symbol of their social status, the rugs were often donated to churches and that was the way of constituting collections enjoying a 400 years history.
The Collection of Anatolian Rugs in the possession of Brukenthal National Museum comprises 50 pieces, illustrative for most of the categories and types known today. The largest percentage of the pieces was in the former possession of the Evangelical Church C. A. Sibiu, the rest of them coming from the German-Saxon churches of lesser localities.
Due to their rarity and artistry, most of the rugs enjoy an exceptional value.

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