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30 Sep, 2013

The Habsburg Imperial Effigies project
Duration: 3.10. – 31.10. 2013
Coordinators: Professor Sabin Adrian Luca and Alexandru Sonoc
Partners: the Order of Saint George – a European order of the House von Habsburg-Lothringen
Sponsors: Adrian Popescu and Ilie Creţu
Brukenthal National Museum is announcing the Habsburg Imperial Effigies project that occasioned the studying and restoration of sculptures engravings, paintings and numismatic pieces that were less researched or exhibited, all relevant for the local history.
Project’s program comprises the following events: 
1. Re-inauguration of the original sculpted bust of Emperor Franz I of Austria (Brukenthal Palace inner courtyard on October 3, 12:00 am). The bust was sculpted by Franz Schopp in Vienna, at 1828. 
2. The double opening (Brukenthal Palace, October 4, 1:00 pm) of an engraving exhibition (Print Works and Drawings Cabinet) and a painting & numismatic exhibition (Palace 1st Floor).