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02 Sep, 2013

Brukenthal National Museum opens the exhibition entitled The art of Transylvanian German-Saxons (20th c.). Paintings and engravings in the collection of Brukenthal National Museum. At the Fine Arts Museum in Timişoara
Duration: 6.09 – 6.10.2013

Opening September 5, 6:00 pm

Curators: Dr. Iulia Mesea (BNM), associate curator: Dr. Marius Cornea (FAMT)

Partner: Fine Arts Museum Timişoara

Text from the exhibition curator:
The exhibition is the second part of a project that resulted from the partnership of the two museums, which started last year (the art of Germans in Transylvania 18th – 19th c.), inviting general public to an ampler perspective over the artistic production of these Transylvanian ethnics.
The exhibition thematic marks as a starting point the period of the first signs of novelty and modernity as shown by the works of artists active at the end of 19th c. and the beginning of the 20th c. (Arthur Coulin, Arnold Sigmund, Robert Wellmann, Fritz Schullerus, Anna Dörschlag and Lotte Goldschmidt), culminating in the spectacular works of artists under the influence of German symbolism and expressionism in the early 20th c. (Hans Eder, Karl Hübner, Grete Csaki-Copony, Margarete Depner etc.) and the recollection of the realist traditionalism (Hans Hermann, Trude Schullerus, Heinrich Schunn etc.).