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18 Jul, 2013

Brukenthal National Museum is announcing the launching of “I love Brukenthal” souvenirs
Starting in the month of July, current year, as part of the "I love Brukenthal” museum supporting campaign, Brukenthal National Museum is launching a series of 9 souvenirs – mug, decorative magnet, puzzle, key trinket, mouse-pad, T-shirt, paper bag, glass stands and textile bag.
The campaign image of this promotion stage is represented by the mascots of Brukenthal Palace, Antonello and Donatello tomcats. 
The team involved in "I love Brukenthal” souvenirs production reunites: concept – Dana Hrib and Anamaria Tudorie, photo – Gabriela Cuzepan, graphic – Chris Balthes, production – Gorgona Design. 

The list of prices
Mug: 10 lei
Decorative magnet: 3 lei
Puzzle (set of 2): 16 lei
Key trinket: 2,50 lei 
Mouse-pad: 10 lei 
T-shirt/children: 21 lei, adult: 25 lei
Paper bag: 4 lei 
Glass stands (set of 6): 14 lei 
Textile bag: 10 lei.
We are reminding you that "I Love Brukenthal” is a museum supporting campaign launched in May 2013 that recalls into actuality the individual act of cultural patronage that addresses through the museum to the local, national or European community of which the museum partakes in accordance with its projects.
Purchasing any of the "I love Brukenthal” souvenirs brings an important contribution to the well-functioning of the museum.