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17 Jul, 2013

Sibiu Rally supports Brukenthal National Museum
At Sibiu Rally will be rise funds for Brukenthal Museum
All the drivers are invited to donate an object for an auction
The auction is scheduled for Thursday,  25 July starting with 22:00 inside if Black Tie Charity Gala
At Sibiu Rally 2013, the organizer launched a fund rising campaign for Brukenthak National Museum. 
Text from Berti Panaiot, Sibiu Rally PR & Marketing Manager:
Besides the sporting spectacle, at 2013 edition of Sibiu Rally, the organizer initiated a fund rising campaign in order to support Brukenthal National Museum. Every competitor is invited to donate an object related to it’s past sporting activity, object that is going to be auctioned inside of Black Tie Charity Gala. The auction is scheduled for Thursday, 22:00 o click, at Hilton Hotel, immediately after the Ceremonial Start. The obligatory outfit for the event is Black Tie.
Entrance at Black Tie Charity Gala costs 50 de euro, the gathered sum from entrance tax being donated at Brukenthal National Museum. This tax includes the access to the event, festive dinner and the possibility to participate at the auction with the objects donated by the drivers. „The local authorities and citizens of Sibiu have always supported Sibiu Rally. With this action we want to show our gratitude and support towards one of the most representative museums in Romania, a symbol of Sibiu. At this event are invited the local and national authorities, rally participants and rally fans who wish to participate at this action.”, said Sorin Itu, Sibiu Rally organizer.
The places for  Black Tie Charity Gala can be reserved by e-mail at