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26 Jun, 2013

Brukenthal National Museum announces the opening of A fortress under siege – the medieval and modern city of Sibiu in the eye of the youth exhibition
Location: Sibiu Town Hall 
Duration: June – July 2013
Opening: June, 27, 1:00 pm
Curator: Dr. Anca Sorina Niţoi

A project coordinated by Brukenthal National Museum in partnership with Culture Department of Sibiu County, "Andrei Şaguna” Pedagogy College and AIOS.
Text from the exhibition curator:
Brukenthal National Museum invites the general public Thursday, on June 27, 1:00 pm to the opening of A fortress under siege exhibition of photography. The works on display are signed by 10th grade students of "Andrei Şaguna” Pedagogy College and are the outcome of the first stage of a AFCN financed project meant to envisage through the means of photography the students’ perception on medieval history.