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09 May, 2013

The International Day and the Long Night of the Museums 2013: Brukenthal National Museum’s Visitation Marathon!
As a custom established in the last years, Brukenthal Museum organizes a several-days-program that celebrates both the Day and the Night of the Museums.
This year, the events coincide on May 18, the Museum offering on the occasion a visitation marathon starting at 10:00am and concluding at 00.00am.
However, in response to Romanian Ministry of Culture letter (No. 387 of 15.03.2013) emphasizing that "the large number of visitors [during Long Night of the Museums] arises security and conservation issues for permanent exhibition, determining, as a necessity, an alternative cultural offer”, the visitation program on Saturday, May 18, is as follows:
DAY OF THE MUSEUMS: free visitation 10:00am – 6:00pm, all Museum’s locations

NIGHT OF THE MUSEUM: free visitation 6:00pm – 00:00am

Alternative offer: Brukenthal Palace and the Museum of History will open basement and ground floor exhibitions, some of which were not included before in the Long Night of the Museums program.
Garden decorative illumination program (starting at 9:00pm): Brukenthal Palace, Museum of History and Museum of Natural History.