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Exhibition: Classic, modern, contemporary. Romanian painting. Lucian Pop Collection
Location: Casa Albastră / Multimedia Hall, Piaţa Mare, nr. 5

Duration: June – August 2013

Opening: June 20, 1.00 pm

Curator: Dr. Iulia Mesea
Guests: Tudor Octavian, Dr. Negoiţă Lăptoiu
Text from the exhibition curator:

The collaboration between museums and private art collectors gives general public access to heritage pieces of great value. This is the reason why Brukenthal National Museum established a tradition in opening exhibitions and facilitating scientific activities on private art collections.
This summer, the Museum hosts a new exhibition presenting Lucian Pop private collection, event that partakes to the idea of supporting and promoting individual endeavors of this sort in Romania. 

The complexity of Lucian Pop Collection of painting is based on the variety of authors, genres and on the great number of valuable pieces meant to address the public for esthetic and spiritual experience. Due to the complexity mentioned, this curator planed to structuring the presentation of the collection in two phases, first dedicated to classic and modern painters – included in 2012 cultural agenda of the Museum, and the second phase we are announcing here, dedicated to contemporary painters. 

The selection of paintings on display brings together masterpieces among which Pierrot by Ştefan Luchian and Earth pot with flowers by Ioan Andreescu, along with representative works of consecrated contemporary artists as Corneliu Baba, Dan Hatmanu, Constantin Piliuţă, Georgeta Năpăruş, Sabin Bălaşa, Vasile Grigore, Ion Alin Gheorghiu, Horia Bernea and others.
The collaboration between Brukenthal National Museum and Lucian Pop Collection from Târgu Mureş, generated more than one common project: as result of collector’s generosity in sharing the art heritage he owns as well as the interest invested by the Museum in innovative projects, the Lucian Pop Art Gallery is in the making, a private museum meant to open new cultural attractions and to give diversity to the arts’ environment in Romania.