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Exhibition: Oshibama – the Green Art
Location: The Museum of Natural History

Duration: 05 – 06.2013

Opening: May 15, 1:00 pm

Curator: Ghizela Vonica

Project in cooperation with: 10th and 12th grade Graphic Section of Art High School in Sibiu, coordinator Anca Ioana 
Text from the exhibition curator:

The exhibition aims at approaching nature’s creation by immortalizing the beauty of flowers, inviting the visitor to a trip into the attractive world of the green arts through the means of the exhibits that associate in creation pressed plants and graphic techniques as drawing, watercolour, engraving and mix technique.
Reaching the harmony through art finds ways of expression in communicating personal feelings in order to support the development of the self. In our days, in many countries, Oshibama is considered to be benefic to those having impediments in expressing their selves verbally or, by the contrary, easily communicating with no progress at all. 
Known as early as the Antiquity, Oshibama – the Green Art accommodates the needs of those whishing to improve their ways of communication and expression especially in the areas where words have less meaning. As a therapy, the practice is not directly connected to a special talent or aptitude being a simple application which could be charged with the rich significance of a work of art. 
The students of the Art High School in Sibiu, under the coordination of Anca Serfözö, find their own approach – a graphic one – on different types of support materials: white or black paper, texturized paper, old-like paper, hand made paper presenting pressed flower interventions.