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Exhibition: 5 contemporary graphic artists
Artists: Albert Zoltán, Ábráham Jakab, Bartha Árpád, Corneliu Mihai and Timar Adrian
Location: Contemporary Art Gallery of Brukenthal National Museum
Duration: 10 – 31.05.2013
Opening: May 10, 12:00 am 
Curator: Dr. Iulia Mesea
Text from the exhibition curator:

The Contemporary Art Gallery of Brukenthal National Museum is hosting a graphic exhibition presenting the works of Albert Zoltán, Ábráham Jakab, Bartha Árpád, Corneliu Mihai and Timar Adrian. Although there are obvious differences concerning the style and technique according to each one’s artistic originality, the works on display envisage the same capacity of identifying the essence that outcomes in a multitude of meanings.
Bartha Árpád works assume as a starting point the reality terms to which he infuses his own feeling through the means of introspections and simplification. The modalities, appropriated to render artist’s state of mind and spirit, are mobile and opened to exploration in fields as engraving, photography and graphics.
Adrian Timar is a restless artist, permanently in search for the perfect artistic solutions, rendering modalities and ways of expressing and communicating his message and especially his own self. The main challenge for Adrian consists in the problematic role and place of the work of art in a society marked by relative values. His works present abrupt tendencies and certain spontaneity difficult to be hold at the congruence between working materials, interventions and the play of associations in which details prove to be important to both compositions and significance.
Reminding in his drawing technique of the 16th – 17th artists, Ábráham Jakab creates works of tension, bold in their figurative approach, of mythological and religious inspiration and yet very modern. The colour is elegant, refined, depicting a universe of its own.

Albert Zoltán creates through his works in aqua-forte and aquatint lyric landscapes dominated by shades of brown and ochre with golden interventions, elegantly patterned and, although inspired by reality, led towards abstract approach.  

Corneliu Mihai launches interrogations; his spirit is marked by the unrest of his youth that added profundity to his maturity creation. The viewer is impressed by the elegant details of Corneliu’s work which catches the eye in the exploring attempt of deciphering its encrypted, enigmatic messages endeavoring to recurrent reflections.