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Exhibition: Female characters in biblical scenes
Location: Brukenthal Palace, 2nd Floor

Duration: 8.03 – 7.04.2013

Opening: March 8, 12:00 am

Curator: Sanda Marta

Text from Alexandru Sonoc, exhibition curator:

In the month of March, on the occasion of several days celebrating the daughters of Eve, the European Art Gallery of the Brukenthal National Museum hosts an exhibition emphasizing Female characters in biblical scenes through which it aims to present works of painting appertaining to Flemish, Dutch, Italian, German and Austrian schools, part of the Brukenthal National Museum’s heritage, dating back to the 15th – 18th centuries. 
The theme of this exhibition is dedicated to the female characters in the Bible, modest women whose voices have not been heard or have been misunderstood, those characters who knew to preserve traditions, alluring women or clever and brave, who by their deeds have made known biblical stories.
Many lives of women in the Bible (pious characters, docile, intelligent) are rough models for their behavior convincing us of their faith into a better life, or have shown us how they acted when they wrong, in order to be forgiven (Mary Magdalene).  
The works on display envisage miraculous births (Virgin Mary), marital faith (Susannah), heroic deeds (Judith), spirit of sacrifice (Hester), merciful woman (Irene), but also the sinful woman (Mary Magdalene, Delilah), incestuous (Lot's daughters) or those who have committed adultery (Bathsheba).
Visitors will be able to delight with the images in the paintings on the subject (more than 80 works of Brukenthal Collection) belonging to the Flemish and Dutch masters such as Frans Floris van Vriendt, Pieter Paul Rubens, Jan van Bylert, Italian masters: Paris Bordone, Paolo Caliari Veronese, Francesco Carroto and German and Austrian masters: Martin von Mytens the Younger, Adam Elsheimer, Lucas Cranach the Elder but also with fragments of biblical and apocryphal texts which accompany the scenes depicted in the works on display.  
Brukenthal National Museum's collection of painting owns representative works of this genre of religious scenes and this exhibition curator wishes to offer visitors a selection that for the first time contains paintings which have never been exhibited before.