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expo Exhibition of painting and numismatic: Habsburg Imperial Effigies

Location: Brukenthal Palace, 1st Floor 
Duration: 4.10. – 31.10. 2013
Opening: Octomber 4, 1:00 pm
Curators: Alexandru Sonoc and Dr. Claudiu Munteanu
Exhibition is part of the „Habsburg Imperial Effigies”

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expo Exhibition: Habsburg imperial effigies in Brukenthal National Museum’s collections

Location: Brukenthal Palace, Prints and Drawings Cabinet

Duration: 4.10 – 10.11.2013

Opening: October 4, 1:00 pm

Curator: Dr. Maria Ordeanu

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expo Exhibition: Manuscripts preserved in Czech libraries

Location: Casa Albastră/Blue House – Multimedia Hall
Duration: 26.09 – 27.10.2013
Opening: September 26, 12:00 am
Curators: Petra Dobruská (The Embassy of Czech Republic in Bucharest) and Adrian Luca (Brukenthal Museum)
Partner: The Embassy of Czech Republic in Bucharest

The exhibition is part of Manuscriptorium project

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ex Exhibition: The “St. Andrew at the three water-lily leaves” Freemason Lodge of Sibiu (1767 – 1790)

Location: Brukenthal Palace, Multimedia Room

Duration: September 12 – December 10, 2013

Opening: September 12, 12:30 am

Curators: Adrian Georgescu and Olga Beşliu

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ex Exhibition: A mural painting unique in Romania, discovered in the historical centre of the city of Sibiu

Location: Brukenthal Palace, Cartography Cabinet
Duration: 12 – 29.09.2013 (duration of the exhibition has been prolonged until October 27)
Opening: September 12, 12:00 am
Curator: Dr. Dana Roxana Hrib
With the collaboration of Liviu Ciungan Tudoran, specialist in mural painting restoration

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ex Exhibition: A picturesque Romania – a cartographic Romania

Location: Brukenthal Palace, Cartography Cabinet

Duration: 12.09 – 01.11. 2013

Opening: September 12, 12:00 am

Curators: Dr. Constantin Ittu and Rodica Şinca

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