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expo Exhibition: Poems for birds and extraterrestrials

Location: Contemporary Art Gallery of Brukenthal National Museum

Duration: 4.07 – 16.08.2013

Opening: July 4, 12:00 am

Curator: Rodica Şinca

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expo Exhibition: God’s fortresses at the end of the world

Photography by Petre Beşliu Munteanu, Hermann Fabini, Louis Guermond, Ioan Vărzaru and Daniel Bălţat

Location: Brukenthal Palace, Prints Cabinet

Duration: 29.06 – 01.09.2013

Curator: Dr. Petre Beşliu Munteanu

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expo Exhibition: Classic, modern, contemporary. Romanian painting. Lucian Pop Collection

Location: Casa Albastră / Multimedia Hall, Piaţa Mare, nr. 5

Duration: June – August 2013

Opening: June 20, 1.00 pm

Curator: Dr. Iulia Mesea
Guests: Tudor Octavian, Dr. Negoiţă Lăptoiu

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expo Exhibition: Theatre costumes by Dragoş Buhagiar

Location: Fresco Hall, Piaţa Mică/Lesser Square No. 22 
Duration: 7.06-19.06.2013
Opening: June 8, 12:25 am
Curators: Dragoş Buhagiar and Ioana Popescu 
(MNBrukenthal: Dr. Raluca Maria Teodorescu and Dr. Claudia Urduzia)

Event part of the XXst edition of Sibiu’s International Theatre Festival 

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expo Constantin Blendea (1929 – 2012) painting exhibition

Location: Contemporary Art Gallery of Brukenthal National Museum, Tribunei Str., nr. 6

Duration: June – July 2013

Opening: June 12, 12:00 am

Curator: Dr. Iulia Mesea

Presentation offered by: Mr. Dan Hăulică, Honorary President of International Association of Art Critics

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expo Exhibition: Dreams from the Brukenthal Garden

Artists: Ioan Muntean, Andrei Popa and Ilie Mitrea
Location: Brukenthal Palace, Temporary Exhibition Halls 
Duration: 6.06 – 7.07.2013
Opening: June 6, 12.00 am
Curator: Dr. Dana Hrib

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