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sm Exhibition: Beautiful Romania

Artist: Stela Marta

Location: Brukenthal Palace, Temporary Exhibition Halls

Duration: 5 – 30.09.2013
Opening: September 5, 12:00 am

Curator: Sanda Marta

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expo Painting exhibition: Two

Artists: Dana Constantin & Marcel Bunea
Location: The Contemporary Art Gallery of Brukenthal National Museum
Duration: 29.08. – 24.09. 2013
Opening: Thursday August 29, 1:00 pm
Curator: Dr. Valentin Mureşan
Parteners: Art Act Magazin, Fine Arts Artist Union in Romania
Sponsors: Tribuna and De toate pentru toţi (Sibiu)

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expo Exhibition: In the Mirror – Reflection of the original in the reproduction

Venue: Romanian Art Gallery, Blue House, Piata Mare 

Time: 22.08 - 13.10.2013

Opening: 22 August, 12:00pm

Curator: Professor Dr. Sabin Adrian Luca

Partner: Art Imaging, Prague

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expo Exhibition: The season of the butterflies

Location: Museum of Natural History, Cetăţii Street, no. 1
Duration: 25.07 – 31.10.2013 
Opening: July 25, 12:00 am
Curator: Gabriela Cuzepan
Partners: Maria Ciuntu and Oana Bogorin Predescu

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expo Exhibition: Preventive research. Today’s archaeological challenge

Location: Brukenthal Palace, Temporary Exhibition Halls
Duration: 19.07 – 29.08.2013
Opening: July 19, 4:30 pm
Curator: Professor Sabin Adrian Luca
The exhibition is part of a project co-financed by Administration of National Cultural Trust

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expo Exhibition: Posters retrospective

Artist: Ştefan Orth

Location: Brukenthal Palace, Cartography Cabinet

Duration: 07 – 08.2013

Opening: July 3, 3.00 pm

Curator: Dr. Valentin Mureşan

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